How to sponsor


Translators without Borders sponsors are recognized on our website, in our communications and at conferences we attend. Sponsors can use a special sponsor logo in their communications and receive a kit on extending the sponsorship.

Gold and Platinum sponsors also receive additional public relations support.

How can we…

Save millions of people from cholera? Help millions of mothers breastfeed successfully? Transfer knowledge worldwide to those who need it? The answer is simple: Language. For millions, language is the only barrier to knowledge. How would you like to receive a medical diagnosis in a language you barely understand?

Access to information in your language is a right. By becoming a Translators without Borders sponsor, you can help break down language barriers. Our sponsors have made it possible:

  • More than 5 million words translated per year.
  • The first healthcare translator training center, set up in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Translated health information being provided in videos and on mobile devices in India and Africa.

Join our sponsors who have committed to making sure knowledge is available in the language of the people who need it. To sponsor, contact our Program Director, Rebecca Petras.