We, the Ushahidi team, are completely honoured, humbled, and amazed with your contributions to the Uchaguzi platform to monitor the 2013 Kenyan elections. As we mentioned via Skype and on the Uchaguzi SitRoom blog, this project would not have been possible had you not given so much and so generously of your time, dedicated to giving voice to Kenyans during this historic time. Together we managed over 50000 reports in the system with many more to assess and add as we continue to publish and review. Our special thanks goes to Paul Warambo from TWB, Paul you are an amazing person. Many times we called you in the night and you woke up to help us handle urgent translations. I really cannot thank you enough, you were very ready to help when help was needed. If I were your boss i would have given you a prize. Pass our gratitude to Simon (your boss Paul), he played a very major role to release the whole team of Kenyan translators to participate in the uchaguzi project. Without the role played by TWB we could not be celebrating this massive success. Pass our regards to your amazing team of translators. Remember to also to pass our greatest gratitude to Rebecca. You joined this from the iHub in Nairobi, from your homes and offices in Kenya, and from around the world. The collective effort on this project was the largest effort with over 220 people working online to manage information in digital teams. You worked alongside our partners in the field. Your speed and dedication is beyond measure.